Protecting and enhancing French heritage: a fundamental value

Passing on the know-how of our craftsmen as well as the heritage that we restore is a fundamental value that our craftsmen share.
The know-how of the Maison Asselin is harnessed to restore the legacy built by our ancestors. For several decades Asselin has acted to protect its core business and taken every initiative to safeguard heritage. To ensure that the masterpieces found in all parts of the country will live on and retain their authenticity, Asselin is uncompromising with respect to the restoration methods used by its craftsmen.
Asselin is also closely involved in associations working to protect heritage. In March 2016, Asselin founded with five partner companies the Club of Patrons of the Heritage of the Deux-Sèvres under the aegis of the Heritage Foundation. Within this context, the Maison participates in the restoration of local heritage, and this year efforts have been focused on the restoration of the old curtain walls of the city of Niort.

Woodworking: Asselin’s core business

The pieces created in the workshops of Asselin have the twofold quality of being both ornamental, completely authentic with respect to historical décors, and functional, since they are created to meet the most stringent safety, thermal and acoustic requirements.
A family of journeyman carpenters for several generations, a passion for wood combined with a requirement for unmatched quality has been passed down to today’s craftsmen and seen in their production of the finest artistry.

Restoration of public and private heritage

Asselin holds the most demanding certifications and accreditations and year after year maintains the excellence of its craft so that public heritage can be preserved in its original condition. But that is not its only role. Private heritage is a speciality, too: historical apartments, half-timbered houses and centuries-old houses hold no secrets for Asselin. The restoration of your exterior and interior wood joinery will beautify your homes and restore their splendour and authenticity.